Potential customers often start looking online and search engines play a key role. Being present in search engines can attract new and retain existing customers.

SEO is a long term investment to appear higher in non-paid search results and should be approached strategically to ensure good value and performance. Key elements include local SEO, technical SEO and on page SEO.

Tailored Search Engine Optimisation

Your business and customers are unique so why should your approach to attracting traffic through search engines be any different? You might need local SEO to earn quality traffic, on site optimisation to improve customer journeys, backlink audits or training to develop your staff, we offer bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

Having the right search engine strategy is critical as it can make the difference between people finding you, or your competitors.

Big Blue Multimedia work with you, learning about your business and objectives to create a tailored SEO strategy which delivers on your key objectives.

Types of Search Engine Optimisation

Big Blue Multimedia use a range of search engine optimisation techniques and tactics to improve the performance of a website in organic search results. Whether you're a local business seeking to attract customers to physical stores, or selling Nationally through your website, we'll use a variety of the following, backed up with data to support our thinking:

  • Technical SEO
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Content marketing

Improving presence in search engines is not limited to these elements and an effective search strategy should incorporate a number of SEO approaches.

Why Invest in SEO

Optimising your website and it's content to appear more prominently in search engines has a number of benefits, increased website traffic and potential customers are the obvious ones.

The benefits of a well thought out SEO strategy can also generate longer term value to your business, a great example is page load time. Search engines like Google place great emphasis on websites which load quickly, but a fast loading website benefits all website traffic leading to a better user experience and customer loyalty.

Who Can Benefit From SEO

Any business in any sector can benefit from a search engine strategy and Big Blue Multimedia work with businesses in and around West Yorkshire as well as Nationally. Having a base in Wakefield means Big Blue Multimedia are in a great place to work with companies in Wakefield, Leeds, York, Doncaster, Sheffield and the surrounding areas.